Danas Andriulionis
Danas Andriulionis was born in Rokiskis, 1951. After showing virile artistic talent in his youth, he went on to study Architecture, before graduating from Klaipeda Department of Visual Communications and Advertising. His popularity has spread through private collections in France, Israel, Germany, England, the USA and Russia.
Danas Andriulionis has participated in scores of exhibitions with his fellow artists, yet he walks alone on his artistic path. He follows no school or style except his own, expressing his own duality, a stable architecture overdrawn by a random playfulness. He uses ancient runes, mandalas and folk symbols in a mixture of philosophy and mysticism.
"Soft colors paintings unite history, philosophy, nature and cosmos. The author tries to stop the time in the artworks and to concentrate energy around us to one line." - Menas Verslui
Paintings by this artist: