Arunas Mecius
Born 1965, Arunas Mecius began his artistic career somewhat later in his life. He served a compulsory term in the Soviet Army from 1983 to 1985. During this term, he resolved to focus more on his artistic abilities and on completion of the term, studied at a fine crafts trade school, receiving a decorator's degree. Arunas Mecius continued to search for a better eduction, enrolling in the Siauliai Pedagogical Institute, before going on to study at the Vilnius Academy of Arts, graduating in 1997 with a Masters degree in Fine Arts.
Now, Arunas Mecius teaches in Klaipeda, where he paints satirical works as well as faux Renaissance paintings, pastiches cleverly painted in the style of the period, and which he "antiques". His fascinating paintings have been widely shown in Lithuania and abroad.
Paintings by this artist: